MALICHE - couture aw22/23

Michelle is the founder of the Philippine-based luxurious fashion brand, Malichè, which provides women with custom and ready-to-wear couture. Today, Michelle is taking the fashion world by storm with her ability to craft beautiful bridal gowns and evening gowns. She makes a name for herself on the local and international scene with dresses that have already walked several global runways, including in China and Malaysia. Malichè is a luxurious fashion brand based in the Philippines.

Founded by Michelle Bernardo, our gown collection puts every woman in the spotlight with our ready-to-wear and custom-tailored gowns. Our high-end brand offers a wide range of sophisticated and chic bridal gowns and evening dresses for every woman’s special day. With stockists in Saudi, Kuwait, Mississippi, and Virginia and worldwide shipping options, our company emerges as a Filipino luxury brand that’s making a name in the international fashion scene.

Known for its bridal couture, Filipino designer Michel Bernardo showed the UAE crowd what her brand Malichè is capable of beyond the altar. An all-black and white lineup dubbed “Tomorrow is Unlimited” her latest creations came to the fore in an emotional display, borrowing from the glam heydays of the 60s and 70s. The exaggerated rose served as the hallmark of the collection — pinned cleverly to the neck and sewn onto sleek black gloves. Space-age hoods, scuba-tight fitted dresses and cutout bodices spoke to the glamour of a modern era. “It is a reminder — or maybe, a challenge — to all of us to do whatever we can do now, or we might unwittingly fall into the trap of an endless promise of tomorrow, which is but an illusion,” she said.