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We’re a London-based tech company on a mission to remove barriers between people and technology. To do this, we’re crafting intuitive, flawlessly connected products that improve our lives without getting in the way. 

No confusing tech-speak. No silly product names. Just artistry, passion and trust. And products we’re proud to share with our friends and family. Simple. Because beautiful tech shouldn’t be complicated.

Our product design speaks to people who want to stand out, and those constantly on the lookout for what’s new and interesting. Our phones have a transparent back that showcases  a unique pattern of shapes and lines known as “glyphs.” This has been inspired by a modernist version of the New York City subway map from Italian designer Massimo Vignelli in the 1970s.

In less than three years, Nothing has proven that there is room for a new alternative. In 2022, Nothing’s Phone (1) was regarded as one of the most anticipated tech launches in recent times and showcased in Time Magazine’s prestigious “Best Inventions of 2022” list for its innovative smartphone design. In 2023, Phone (1) received the renowned Red Dot Design Award, along with the rest of Nothing’s current product portfolio, including the true wireless audio devices Ear (2) and Ear (Stick). Most recently, the company launched Phone (2), to wide acclaim from the critical masses, which features a lower carbon footprint than its predecessor as a result of the company’s ongoing sustainability initiatives.

In December 2022, Nothing opened its first retail space – Nothing Store Soho – which is thriving in London’s cultural hub.

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