EIRA WATER: a testament to purity and award-winning taste.

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EIRA Water is Dubai Fashion Week’s Official Hydration Partner, presenting itself from the pristine fjords of Norway, EIRA Water is the ultimate gateway to taste true exclusivity. The EIR monogram is inspired by the runic alphabet of Norse Mythology. It is a Bind Rune that spells out the name of Eir, the healer of Asgard, The goddess of health and youth from which the name EIRA is derived.

EIRA stands as an exquisite embodiment of sustainable energy generation. With an unwavering commitment to environmental preservation, they proudly operate as a 100% hydroelectric facility. EIRA Water excelled internationally, winning Silver and Bronze at the 2022 Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. As well, EIRA has been chosen as the exclusive water partner of the MICHELIN Guide 2024 – 2022 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Sourced from Norway’s Eresfjord, is a testament to purity and award-winning taste. This water, filtered through quartz, stands out for its quality and flavor. Its environmental commitment is underscored by sustainable practices and community engagement. EIRA is distinctively packaged in a stunning glass bottle with subtle branding, designed to seamlessly integrate into any environment. This premium water is a testament to natural purity, environmental responsibility, and a dedication to maintaining the pristine condition of its source.