ERICK BENDAÑA ABOUT THE BRAND ERICK BENDAÑA HAS ITS ORIGINS IN THE COUNTRY OF NICARAGUA HAVING SERVED SEVEN YEARS IN THE WORLD OF FASHION.  The brand holds over forty-seven international awards and specializes in the designs of both fashion and fantasy costumes. Hollywood celebrities and a former Miss Universe have been dressed in the brand’s designs.  ERICK BENDAÑA has been named one of the most influential fashion designers in Latin America by Forbes Magazine in…

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Egonlab ‘’we see ourselves as visual artists. Each collection wants to preserve the aesthetics that a work of art must provoke.’’ Egonlab is a French emerging brand whose visual eye is deeply inspired by artistic movements and which have greatly influenced our modern society. Each collection will showcase an artistic re-interpretation of these revolutions and the ripple effects following their fruition. Merging fashion, music, motion design, and mixed media art – egonlab is a one…

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Ezra Tuba “WELCOME TO THE 2999” The Turkish label Ezra Tuba which is also a member of the Arab Fashion Week has since the beginning of the pandemic transformed its mission into finding solutions through fashion technology. Ezra Tuba presented on the official Arab Fashion Calendar a collection titled “Welcome to the 2999” which is a futuristic fashion film illustrating the sustainable hi-tech direction of the brand. Ezra Tuba has utilized the Grafen Denim which…

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