• After Lili Blanc’s show at Paris Fashion Week, the third day of DFW kicked off with Lili Blanc’s “Flamme Femme” collection
  • La Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode – supported designer, Weinsanto, now a DFW member part of the designers’ committee revealed his collection
  • Dyson’s exclusive masterclasses continue at Dubai Fashion Week
  • More environmentally responsible fashion with Lateforwork and Pipatchara


Lili Blanc unveiled her “Flamme Femme” collection at DFW after showcasing during Paris Fashion Week as part of the Arab Fashion Council’s partnership with the Federation de La Haute Couture et de la Mode. Glam crystals sparkled over sharply tailored suits, capes, and evening dresses along with a wide range of ready-to-wear closet ranging from skirts, flared and fitted trousers and jumpsuits to make this an all-around collection. The use of refreshing color tones of gold, burgundy and purple along with the usual white, black, green and denim deviated from Lili Blanc’s typical palette.


PIPATCHARA’s new collection, “Sensation Spectrum,” delivered a unique combination of sustainability and luxury. The collection was inspired by the sensations of nature experienced during vacations, focusing on light and sound, giving us 30 looks of versatile designs suitable for any lifestyle. The use of Infinitude, an unconditional material, enabled infinite possibilities in terms of colorway and design with a color palette of grey, navy, silver, black, olive green, light purple, white, and light pink. The Infinitude jewelry demonstrated the potential of sustainable materials in the fashion industry, while the contemporary Macrame technique elevated the texture and craftsmanship of the outfits. 


After showcasing for 5 seasons in Dubai as part of the collaboration between the Arab Fashion Council and the Federation de La Haute Couture et de la Mode, the French designer, Victor Weinsanto, has become one of the DFW members part of the designers committee. His collection exhibited surrealism of his proportions in every design. Mega cape, massive halo hat, deconstructed trench coats, bugle beads, chains, plastic shards, and metal blotches communicated a sense of fantasy in all the pieces created. The designer also gave us aged denim parkas, blotchy abstract print stretch cocktails and sassy corsets made of velour.


The brand’s collection that stems from the reality of our daily lives gave us designs of subculture references, all with desk job roots. We witnessed the formal wear reimagined with disproportional cuts and intrusion of color pop with a thick, velvety fabric that takes the attire out of the office.  Oversized tailoring, textures, and movements, along with various silhouettes, felt alive on the runway and enabled Lateforwork women to walk freely in the dead stock fabrics to promote sustainability. The designer gave us revisited striped shirts, shoulder-padded jackets, and articles with a flowy feel.