Selfmade is an idea of creating yourself into a person you want to be. It is based on freedom of designing inner self into the highest version of itself. It is an homage to DESIGNER’s younger self. Her 20 years long journey in creative fields. It is a tribute to young her and her which is meant to Become. Selfmade is acknowledgment of her creativity, knowledge, experience, and self worth. It is made for people who are able to overcome their limited environment and create themselfs. Selfmade has no boundaries when it comes to self expression. It is self acceptance, self embracing, Self claiming.

Born in Serbia from Bosnak-Albanian origins and later moving to Turkey for master studies in textiles and design, what makes her so unique it’s embracing all the cultures she has been living in and within. As she likes to say too complicated to be explained in a single word. After 20 years of working as a consultant, and a head designer of many international brands and shaping Middle Eastern fashion scene for the last five years by helping many local brands, find their way into fashion business. 

More of an entrEpreneur than just a designer, working as a consultant and business development for more than 15 brands, including European and Japanese corporations, being founder and co-founder of many projects Emina Skrijelj Sabutay comes with the new project of her own. Selfmade is a result of paying tribute to her long journey from a small town in south Serbia to global fashion stage.



The designer’s expertise in denim, complemented by her technical proficiency in jeans washing and a deep understanding of textile technology, seamlessly fused into the creation of impeccable knits. On the runway, we witnessed a striking display of edgy and daring streetwear, featuring body-shaping silhouettes that exuded confidence. The designer’s remarkable grasp of textiles shone through in their distinct utilisation of custom-designed fabrics, artfully incorporated into asymmetrical designs featuring strategically placed cutouts.