Blumarine is plural. Blumarine are.

Blumarine speaks a language that is plural, thus inclusive and attractive for every woman.

Femininity is not a formula. It is an ever-evolving harmony of elements, a tale of tuned complementarities.

Like the rose growing in nature, or the chrysalis becoming butterfly, blumarine arises from these assumptions.
Blumarine is not static: femininity never is.
Blumarine speaks to the romantic and the soigné, to the sensual and the angel, to the femme fatale and the seductress, at once.

If dresses are the words used to express and interpret our many selves. Blumarine offers a vocabulary that is unique.
Romantic sexyness is the byword. Or is it sexy romanticism?

It makes no difference: one complements the other. One offsets the other.

Seduction for blumarine is tainted by romanticism, just as much as the depth of romanticism hides a sensual core.

It’s all about the senses, because beauty asks to be celebrated whichever way and wherever it is, a tutto tondo.

It’s all about the present, because the new is nourished by dialogue with tradition, where mischief and lightheartedness, vitality and irriverence coexist in the exaltation of femininity.

This ability to unleash the senses and enjoy beauty in its many forms is deeply italian. It is a matter of gusto.
Blumanine are femmine bellissime who show their strength by being soft, and flaunt their romanticism by being tough.

Blumarine are (…To be continued and filled by every woman)