YASPIS– folk inspired contemporary capsule apparel brand.

We are what we think, what we speak, what we wear and what we eat. We are what we MANIFEST to the world.

The idea of the brand recalls the theory of energetical meaning of colours. Each colour has the vibration frequency – so humans do.

– Unfold your energy with YASPIS-

Level 1, 12 Sample St, Sydney NSW 2000

YASPIS - rtw SS24

A variety of 3 colorful patterns, recalling the elements, chaotically printed on each piece, provide the idea of diversity and uniqueness of humans.The usage of each pattern is not casual – it recalls a particular element of nature: Verdant is a symbol of peace; Cerulean means depth, endless knowledge; Vermillion manifests power itself.

We want each person choosing YASPIS to be her or himself and being aware and confident of it.

Every stone is unique, every piece of YASPIS is unique, becoming a talisman and improving personal performance of a person, attracting only best things into his\her life and making himlher use potential and vital forces on maximum.


YASPIS pieces can tell a story about that the color in its original form. Not always tangible, but intuitive: the form of associations and feelings. One of the four YASPIS colors can suit everybody in one way or another. This is a mutual choice – you choose a color, and it chooses you.