VICTOR - rtw aw23/24

Forward, luxuriant, pioneering and intensifying. The House of Victor introduces a whole new approach to fashion with an unconventional and contemporary twist. The House has re-defined fashion on numerous occasions they can count, having reinforced their position as one of the world’s most sought-after brands. Diverse, unconventional and daring-the products aim to represent the pinnacle of fine artisanal craftsmanship for their unsurpassed quality and compelling attention to detail.

House of Victor’s collection displayed an array of vibrant colors from blue, red, violet, and yellow that blended with the shades of black and grey. With oversized jackets, puffy coats, and distorted proportions along the sleek textiles and fabrics that exaggerated the designs, House of Victor gave us pieces that reflect his trajectory of reimagining daring articles of clothes. With his standing collars and clean cuts, Victor’s clothes are of style and comfort.