Temma Prasetio

TEMMA PRASETIO - rtw aw23/24

Temma Prasetio is a Menswear designer, founder and creative director of “by Temma Prasetio” through leading its apparel design, branding, marketing and public relations. His love in art and high appreciation of culture became the igniting flame to pursue fashion industry.

As a graduate from “Instituto Di Moda Burgo”—the first fashion school in Indonesia from Milan, Italy—and majored in menswear collection, Temma has been actively involved in notable fashion shows including JFW (Jakarta Fashion Week), IFW (Indonesia Fashion Week) and JF3 (Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival). Temma Prasetio is also the runner up of Perancang Mode Menswear 2018, a notable menswear competition held by Jakarta Fashion Week.

Through developing garment business and sewing house of “Sesuai Tema” that incorporates consultation services, Temma Prasetio provides a welcoming space for designers and fashion lovers to create and produce high quality clothing.

Temma Prasetio looks forward to the brighter future of Menswear collection by constantly producing high quality portfolio and ready-to-wear apparels.

Temma Prasetio drew inspiration from the Nusa Tenggara Timur, the southernmost province of Indonesia’s exquisite hand-weaving techniques and rich cultural heritage. Each fabric and pattern in the collection tells a story of modernity while also celebrating the region’s cultural legacy. His collection of unique bomber jackets, oversized mesh shirts, and effortless belt-waisted coats embroidered with ethnic patterns delivered a true representation of culture and technique representing the designer’s visual sense.