LILO - RTW AW23/24

Launched in 2022 A fashion-forward inclusive designer brand. LILO’s innovative design process exudes opulence, with daring and irresistibly effervescent silhouettes that accentuate the female form. Waving the spotlight on bold and vibrant cutting-edge design’s.Everything and every detail count’s at LILO. From the premiere vision, sketch, bespoke patterns, specialist fabrics and color, the brand is here to indulge, with not one boring piece in the house. A look-book filled with excitement.

The brand is based in Dubai UAE. Creative director/designer Leen injects her unique flair and vision into each piece. An expert in her art, creating designs in indulgent chiffons and sleek satins, pleather, denim and mixing unexpected material using different design techniques while creating her own identity. She believes she was born to make and design clothes that are inclusive to all but exclusive in the industry.

Best Known for her distinctive taste, Leen tends to focus on delivering her creative vision for the label, she does not follow she leads. Breathing life and creativity into her innovative designs. Her authenticity to leave her identity in every single piece, right down to the smallest detail. The artistic piping forms part of the brand’s initial vision, Forming exaggerated structures, playfully used in the design process to form shapes and establish large elaborate braids. her trust, love for life and how beautiful it is, always inspired her vision for the brand, and was reflected on the fashion house’s identity.

LILO is a reverie. It is a meld of 2 worlds you could never imagine together. Where a world of reality and fantasy combined with Leen’s vision that makes unrealistic fashion tangible and wearable. Creating accessible pieces fit for the runway and immediately wearable.With attention to each detail from the conception to delivering outstanding pieces around the world.

Dubai-based brand injects flair into this year’s collection. The pieces did not shy away from creating designs in indulgent chiffons and sleek satins, pleather, and denim and mixing unexpected materials using different design techniques while maintaining LILO’s own identity. The artistic piping was, as always, an integral part of the brand’s original vision, used to form exaggerated structures and playful shapes, as well as establish large and elaborate braids during the design process, never without luminous colors that brighten the runway and underlines the metallic futuristic yet playful and feminine combination.