LATE FOR WORK - rtw aw23/24

LATE FOR WORK, an offbeat and creative vision of Youssef Drissi, the young Moroccan designer whose daring aesthetic reflects a joyous cynicism in the imperfections of society.

This explosive and subversive mixture of shapes and cuts disrupts the dogma of corporatism in all aspects and wishes to embrace a way of life, where fundamentally nothing matters and where the purpose is to be in adequacy with one’s personality in all its complexity.

Deconstructing for better wear, such can be the emblem of this young creator winner of the title of best young designer in Africa (Fima 2018).

The brand’s collection that stems from the reality of our daily lives gave us designs of subculture references, all with desk job roots. We witnessed the formal wear reimagined with disproportional cuts and intrusion of color pop with a thick, velvety fabric that takes the attire out of the office.  Oversized tailoring, textures, and movements, along with various silhouettes, felt alive on the runway and enabled Lateforwork women to walk freely in the dead stock fabrics to promote sustainability. The designer gave us revisited striped shirts, shoulder-padded jackets, and articles with a flowy feel.