BHYPE - RTW aw23/24

BHYPE’s vintage-street fashion brought guests on a journey to rediscover the culture of hip hop and streetwear. As a brand known for thinking outside the box, the BHYPE community is fueled by a growing global vibe that is reflected in their runway collections. The brand put on an impressive show, with models arriving in limos to showcase their vibrant collection of track suits, radiant mesh outfits, and denim for both men and women. The pieces ignited a sense of fan-fueled pride, reflecting the brand’s unique aesthetic.

BHYPE’s show was presented in an engaging and interactive manner, with music beats that kept the audience captivated. The brand’s ability to connect with its audience through its bold and unique style has earned them a loyal following among high-end shoppers who appreciate their distinctive take on fashion.


In an outdoor football field, BHYPE’s soccer-inspired lineup emblazoned with the FIFA flags of the world, ushered in the upcoming World Cup festivities. It’s really no wonder, as the celebrity concept brand, which specializes in vintage-street fashion is coveted by mega players like Neymar, Marcelo Vieira and Daniel Alves.  Thanks to a rising legion of regional graffiti artists, BMXers and sneakerheads, this new group of high-end shoppers are fueling BHYPE’s path. Track suits, soccer shorts and knee-high socks for men and women ignited the runway with fan-fueled pride, which may have also been due to BHYPE’s growing global vibe.