Immersed in the rich and vibrant hues of Indian Hindu culture, this collection drew inspiration from the enchanting colours of a sunset, weaving a narrative that embodies courage, spirituality, and personal growth. It unfolds as a story divided into two distinct parts. The first segment shone a spotlight on streetwear, showcasing denim, contemporary cuts, oversized silhouettes, and a dash of femininity that adds a fresh twist to modern fashion. The oversized hooped earrings resonate in harmony with the flowing fabrics, creating a rhythm down the runway. From tasseled ensembles to billowy ruffled oversized-sleeved bralettes and fitted bustiers, this segment epitomised the essence of casual chic with a contemporary edge. The second part unfolded as an ode to evening elegance, with a focus on high-end fabrics, meticulously colour-coded to perfection. Sparkling mesh high-neck crop tops, sheer gowns, and a vibrant yellow and subdued turquoise cut-out dress took centre stage, symbolising a profound sense of liberation and sophistication. The “Wheel of Time” concept weaves into the collection’s narrative, creating a fusion of cultural depth and modern fashion.


Despite using only three dominant colors in the collection, the designer managed to provide us with a range of variety and multiple personas on the runway. Oversized puffer jackets and pants with exaggerated hanging pockets, along with cutout shimmery black dresses, redefined boldness, and simplicity. Bringing polarizing conflicting energies together yet creating synergy in every aspect that was carefully tailored with great attention to detail. Slimi Studio managed to give us a fresh metallic look with pose and charming energy.


Unapologetically fierce, Slimi Studio churned out a collection of spandex designs bright enough to light up the night sky. Laser cut bodysuits, miniskirts and leotards were paired with oversized puffer jackets. Amped up with gathered sleeves and asymmetrical cuts, the collection embraced couture heritage with eye-catching feather detail and romantic drapery.