Dominic Nowell-Barnes made the UAE his home in 2017, where he found his purpose for making a change. Seeing the fashion industry’s impact on climate changes and in some areas unethical practices he made it his mission to create a vehicle of positive change that everyone can be a part of. The Giving Movement launched in April 2020, created as a way to alter the way fashion is consumed and to shed light on conscious consumerism. The goal was to create a new model where sustainability is curated for youth, a disruptive brand that creates meaningful apparel — making an impact with every purchase. His new mission needed education, so Dominic dedicated a full year to studying the science, ethics and finances of the fabric and textiles industry. Visiting some of the world’s largest manufacturers provided insider industry insights for marrying cost efficiency with sustainability and a positive impact. The brand was built with conscious consumerism and eco-friendly practices at its inception, bringing sustainability to the forefront of streetwear — one of the industry’s biggest and most impactful waves — in order to reach the widest audience and create something that can truly be used and wanted by everyone.

Arenco Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai


The brand unveiled a collection that seamlessly embodied its core values of sustainability, authenticity, innovation, and a philanthropic spirit. The fashion showcase was a brilliant tapestry of colours, blending bold shades of black, electric blue, vivid orange, earthy khaki, and subtle beige with intricately patterned fabric. The collection showcased a dynamic fusion of elastic fabrics in sporty cuts, giving rise to brassieres, oversized cargo pants, biker shorts, and form-fitting mini skirts, paired with casual yet stylish t-shirts. At its heart, the brand’s ethos shone through, emphasising comfortable, forward-thinking pieces that effortlessly bridge versatility and style. These designs consider the comfort and chic sensibility of the wearer, creating a harmonious union of fashion-forward ease.


The Giving Movement is the Dubai-based sustainable athleisure brand that sends a message on conscious consumerism. Under the philosophy of “small acts multiplied by many can transform the world,” the brand donates $4 per item and $2.7 million in donations. Launched in April 2020, TGM innovates eco-friendly fabrics for its ready-to-wear collections for women, men, and kids – expanding for its bestselling Lounge and Active collections to Formal, Shirting, and more in hues refreshed every season.

An urban palette of grey, black, and white set the tone for last show on the Arab Fashion Week roster. The Giving Moment, the Dubai- LA- KSA brand pioneering ethically made, sustainable athleisure and street wear unleashed a collection mirroring the faces and figures walking the Dubai streets today. Hijabs, silky pajamas, utilitarian track pants and tees crisscrossed with hiking straps, and models clad in work out gear, closed the curtain on one of the most dynamic fashion weeks of all.