Amato Couture retrospective

Amato’s show celebrated 25 years of continuous renowned creations. Carefully selected powerful designs from the brand’s conception till this day were showcased. Perfect evidence of why Amato was always described as intriguing, inspiring and creative. The genius designs were designed for a strong person comfortable in their own skin and is after breaking status quos to follow their dreams. The fabrics, lavish materials, and rare embellishment techniques is what makes this Dubai- based label a global one. The show is a beautiful portray of evolving glam and success.

Amato Couture - couture aw22/23

With contemporary regalia fit for a modern Maharaja, designer Furne One brought his own light to the runway of d3 through an innovative couture display of darkness. His fall winter 22/23 couture runway show opened the second day of Arab Fashion Week with an all-black cast of looks characterized by other-worldly-handmade embellishments, — calling to mind the romanticism of vintage Indian costumery. Turbans, capes, feathered shoulders, and molded armor served as the hallmarks of this fall-winter collection that pushed conventional barriers.

Amato Couture - mens ss22/23

With luxe looks fit for a modern maharajah, Furne’s Amato Couture menswear runway show closed Arab Fashion Week here with a Holi Festival-like explosion of colors. Inspired by a 2019 trip to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Goa and Agra and the Taj Mahal, the famed Filipino designer turned vintage Indian costumery into contemporary regalia awash in a palette dominated by royal blue, marigold orange and fuchsia. “I was so inspired by the colors… deep reds, beautiful blues and it was all very festive,” mused the designer, before his epic show that took place at Dubai’s d3. Beads, sequins, and Indian silk served as the basis of this collection of satiny turbans, theatrical bomber jackets, hooded robes, fanciful trousers and pleated skirts that were a salute to the sarongs and Patiala Dhoti pants of a bygone era. With a runway made of Iwan Maktabi fine oriental carpets, one strikes  a chord with the region’s fashion elite, captivating an ever-more cultivated male audience in a language that transcends regions.