Inside Dubai’s d3’s fashion space, the brand’s spring summer 2023 lineup was built with comfort and multi-functionalism at its core, speaking to an ever-more casualized modern jetsetter and “woke” generations. Awash in desert tones of ecru, khaki and olive green and punctuated with pop colors of pink and sporty ones like royal blue, KA-1 also embraced the rapidly-evolving excitement of the region, one of the most international and modern in the world.

In terms of style, the idea of everyday chill is expressed through multifunctional pockets, quirky straps and elastic tapering on trousers. Chunky checkerboard prints on totes and backpacks fortify the lineup with an unexpected splash of fun, while kitsch details and characters inject a dose of youthful positivity throughout.

Founded by Emirati entrepreneur Mr. Saif Belhassa, Chairman of Saif Belhassa Holding, the young brand is testament to the fact that the Emirates has its potential to construct its own pop culture and create its own icons.

Season after season, KA-1 purveys casual, comfortable looks that take on the local culture with a “home-grown” ethos and very much exudes this pride with every hoodie and t-shirt. Spring Summer 2023 Menswear collection is emblazoned with “We are the Future,” a salute to the UAE’s recent 50th Jubilee and the fashion forward culture that has emerged from it. 

The teddy bear fashioned with a dollar sign emerges as the unexpected protagonist of spring summer 2023. Crafted onto cross-body bags and other accessories, the brand’s fluffy mascot closes the curtain on yet another fresh and future-looking season of newness.