Ihab Jiryis, a Palestinian Arab based in North Palestine, prides himself for his Brand IHAB JIRYiS, evening wear and exquisite Couture Gowns. Ihab’s passion for fashion has been since he was a child, he has always enjoyed sketching designs. 

Ihab holds a first degree in fashion design from Shenkar College. He has developed his own Avant Grade label for 12 years now, he felt it wasn’t enough for him, he pursued his studies and achieved two master degrees; Masters in theatrical and cine, professional in dress and decor design and the second master is Master of Design Program, M.Des design. 

Ihab Jiryis as a fashion designer believes and acknowledges of the power of the dress; the dress speaks to the audience and reflects our personality. Ihab Jiries believes that the dress identity comes from small details and superior quality of elite finish. Ihab’s collections have always met with praise and showered with compliments for his unique innovations and designs. 

Ihab Jiryis is quoted for his manifest where he says “your dress, is your second skin, your natural skin is organic and your second skin should be a royal covering that protects it”.


In this thought-provoking collection, the narrative revolved around the art of letting go while preserving the wisdom of our past experiences, and this theme is vividly reflected in the ensembles presented. Each look served as a fusion of two facets of the same tale, harmoniously intertwined to tell the story. 

Central to this collection was the concept of recycling the past, symbolised by the incorporation of aged papers that have been transformed into bold statement accessories embellishing these dresses. The designs showcased a sense of asymmetry, with ruffled over-the-shoulder sleeves, and fabrics extending into captivating collars. The visual narrative was woven into each design, using delicate fabric to represent rebirth, with layering techniques and intricate cuts adding an artistic flair to the pieces. The colour selection ranged from serene pastels to deep black, transitioning to the luxurious velvet and silver dresses, and ultimately culminating in a wedding gown that encapsulates the essence of this collection.


Couturier to the stars of Bollywood and the Arab world, Northern-Palestine-based designer Ihab Jiryis took on the challenging concept of “fashion and death” with his fall winter collection. “Just as fashion is timed and limited, so is the human body. When it is damaged, it becomes less desirable, oppressive, and loses its vitality and beauty,” the PhD scholar in fashion psychology said. His latest collection kicked off with an array of ‘angel of darkness” looks that were emboldened by shimmering gold trains and bodices that embraced the female figure like natural armor.


He endeavored to understand fashion from the inside out. With his collection, he is able to bring out any woman’s natural beautiful essence. Ihab understands how clothing reflects one’s personality and believes a dress identity is all in the details. The collections he has created represent superior quality of elite finish. It has always received great reviews and will certainly make an impact on Arab Fashion week. 

Ihab Jiryis is known for saying, “your dress is your second skin, your natural skin is organic, and your second skin should be a royal covering that protects it.” His Spring/Summer 2022 collection is definitely ROYAL. Ihab Jiryis speaks through his elegant gowns with impressive detail. The opening of his show was energetic, with a model wearing her golden headdress and gown, liken to a sun goddess. The theme carried throughout the show, featuring long sleeveless structured-bodice gowns with flowing silhouettes and side slits. 

Ihab Jiryis also created asymmetrical flounced pieces with a retro-inspired flare. Many silhouettes gave a modern 80’s aesthetic. Creative open slits with smooth gathered fabric looked exceptional on the ruffled v-neck gown. Bodysuits were also featured, with the same ‘V’ style bust and sheer pant style bottom. The shoulder details of certain gowns in black and green had an interesting robe-like design. From a fairy-tale, the designs were reminiscent of a fierce maiden who owned the world she lived in. The fabric treatments with stencil-like leaf prints are trailblazing in red, purple, and light tones. The kaleidoscope-inspired gown, with the train, is also iconic in a lovely purple. Another gown featured the same gem elements, with gold beading and nude sheer fabric. Ihab’s brilliant designs have an ultra-feminine feel with nostalgic elements.