Tamam Humariff, an acclaimed international couture designer hailing from Dagestan, Russia, was raised in a devout Muslim family with a childhood yearning for a world of fantasy. Her early passion for sketching dresses, though not initially taken seriously by her family, laid the foundation for a remarkable journey.

Despite her artistic inclinations, Tamam pursued and successfully earned a law degree from the university. In 2010, she took a bold step by opening her first bridal boutique in Makhachkala, simultaneously maintaining a full-time position as a lawyer. However, it wasn’t until 2012, following her marriage and the unwavering support of her husband, that Tamam embarked on a transformative path to fully immerse herself in the realm of couture design.

In 2013, Tamam assembled a dedicated team to bring her intricate fashion dreams to life, marking the inception of her illustrious couture collections. The culmination of her artistic endeavors occurred in 2015 when Tamam unveiled her first couture collection during Moscow Fashion Week. The event propelled her into the limelight, capturing the attention of both the media and the broader fashion industry.

Expanding her influence, Tamam inaugurated her flagship boutique in 2016, establishing a presence in Moscow, Baku, and Dubai, with Humariff Fashion House gracing Al Was Road in Dubai. Notably, Tamam’s recent venture includes the launch of a captivating capsule collection in Dubai, emphasizing flexible buying options for discerning brides-to-be.

What sets Tamam apart is her role as the exclusive designer of Humariff Fashion House, personally crafting each design and producing an astonishing 70-75 sketches in a single night. She views her innate talent as a gift and leverages her boundless imagination to redefine couture fashion.

327 Al Wasl Rd – Al Bada’a – JumeirahJumeirah 1 – Dubai

HUMARIFF - couture aw22/23

With its fall winter 2022/23 couture collection, Tamam Humariff drove its connection between the cultures of the Middle East and Russia even further in what came to the limelight as a regal wedding party. Fit for a modern sheikha or princess, the brand’s flair for embellishment catered to her every whim through a renaissance-display of crystals, whimsical hand embroidery and metallicized leaves.  Gilded and crystallized, the Humariff woman’s mythical femininity was celebrated and fortified by capes and accentuated shoulders, which were paramount throughout.

HUMARIFF - couture ss22

Humariff’s designs have remarkable texture. Each dress featured either showed innovative gathered details or accordion-style texture on fine quality delicate fabrics.

The asymmetrical light-blue off-shoulder gown was modest, with cleverly gathered details on the shoulder and a sheer sleeve finish. The movement of the gowns was hypnotizing, especially when the light hit the metallic fabric. 

The purple metallic gown with silvery steel-like details gave a soft ‘armor’ vibe and brought its edginess to Spring Haute Couture. Flowers are always a staple in spring fashion, but Tamam Hummariff did more than highlight fancy blooms. She created a gown with gold-leaf encrusted details on the bust and flowing floral elements of the same color on silky-satiny fabric. The entire collection has a consistently regal element to it. First, colors in the tones of precious earth tones; then, lavender shades gave the collection a softened touch. The fiery orange gown had an illustrious effect. The silhouette was fitting for such a bold color. The subtly puckered shoulders, accordion-style train, and sweet waist-bow; gave the overall look a queen-like poise. The silhouettes with the cinched waist are also consistently flattering for most body types.
The lighter hues of berry, pink, green, and white worked perfectly in soft layered ruffles; and gem laced leaf details. Deep green is also trending and was dainty, on dresses billowing as the models walked.

Overall, Tamam Humariff’s Spring- Summer 2022 collection touched on virtually every perception of spring: soft pastels and beautiful blooms or solid earth-inspired elements; that help spawn those lovely flowers. Her Collection is brilliant and beautiful.