Frills, fringe, and feathers were the playful elements that made POCA & POCA’s spring summer “Joy” collection captivating in both spirit and design.  Created by Karolina Gniewek-Lewicka and co-founder Wiktor Gniewek, the Polish-made brand infused the day-five roster with a palpable dose of levity with every ruffle. Largely inspired by 50s and 60s fashion, voluminous dresses, blouses with open backs, jumpsuits, and trousers reflected a contemporary, yet timeless new look for a girl who knows how to have fun.


Their collection is elegant, with full flouncing ruffles and soft color palettes. There’s certainly a very ‘sweet-ladylike’ inspiration behind the POCA & POCA’s design motif. Classic fabric construction in pleats, ruffles, and pearl ornaments make their pieces delightfully unique. It’s a sophisticated take on the ultra-feminine glam that made POCA & POCA iconic. Karolina and Wiktor Gniewek will have a collection show during Arab Fashion Week. Their loyal followers liken wearing their collection to dawning an ‘invisible crown.’  

Karolina and Wiktor are magnanimous duos. The dresses that were featured all have classic 80s party dress silhouettes. Certain features were exaggerated, like the flounced large collars and slant cut silken blouse yolks. Ruffled flounce sleeves on an empire waist dress were also featured in purple leaf embossed fabric. The more modest looks are layered and draped with asymmetrical cut hems. The sturdier fabrics were in black, with textured print details. POCA & POCA has vitality in design. Their pieces are retro but translate well for the younger generations. 

The jumpsuits also sported the classic retro flare. The techniques in construction used for specific dresses were ingenious. The dress in pink, with a gathered waist and pulled seem, is charming. Lots of yolks and gathered details made the collection fun, including the print patterns: Polka-dot, geometric-grid, and feather-inspired tassels. Karoline and Wiktor’s understanding of a woman’s everyday life is evident in this collection. All the styles can be worn from work to play. The color palette is also subtle and easily fits into many formal occasions. Bag accessories that doubled as a belt was a great styling technique. It made all the looks modern. POCA & POCA is sprite and lovely aesthetically. Every style in the collection is remarkably gorgeous in more ways than one.