Becoming a couture designer, the likes of Giannina Azar is no easy feat. She resides in the Dominican Republic and is immortal in her design visions. Her exuberant and dreamlike fashions suit the demands of couture, and the high-profile clientele she serves.  Each collection stands out most extraordinarily, highlighting her most notable hand-crafted pieces. The amount of work and attention to fine details is so intrinsic; that no one can deny her exquisite talent. High-quality fabrics incorporated with glittering and sparkling elements make the wearer epic, indefinitely. Performers and wearers of Giannina Azar fashion are stellar in their own right. 

Passarellas by Giannina is just one of the shining examples of her artistry. The collection resonates with energetic qualities of the most luxurious and opulent standard. ‘Mesmerizing’ is the word that comes to mind when viewing each collection. ‘Mirrors’ is Giannina Azar’s most recent collection, and focuses on reflective details and embellishments, on the most delicate high-quality textiles. Glittering elements adorn fine fabrics in ways that can only be described as exquisite. Her gowns are congruent with her company’s standards; elegance of style. Being featured as a premier Designer for Arabic Fashion week is exciting for all who aspire to be luxurious.

Lavish and smoldering; in gold, silver, green, and ice white. Each piece of Giannina’s Spring/Summer 2022 haute couture collection is rich in feel and quality. Exaggerated shoulders, an asymmetrical style, were showcased beautifully, in delicate sheer gossamer fabrics. Reflective mirror details on the body of the gown, and even on softer textiles, show just how skilled a designer she is. As the models walked, reflections from everywhere colored their gowns. It’s genius how Giannina created gowns that transform according to the wearer’s environment. 

Beads and crystal-inspired adornments clustered and saturated on the bust, add an oddly satisfying allure to the more fitted pieces. The gowns make one wish they could reach out, and touch the gorgeous textured fabric. Very bold statements were made throughout the collection, as was evident in the many nature-inspired effects. The most glaring evidence of this was the fitted halter gown, made of the web-like lace elevated with jewel accents. Upon closer look, great work was invested in creating couture dangling sparkling fringe layers over the fine silk-chiffon fabric. The gown with a feathered lower bottom and star-like beaded designs looked stunning in bright lavender. The many hanging tassels had a powerful goddess effect too.  Giannina’s collection for Spring/Summer 2022 gave a very confident and strong take on woman’s Haute fashion.


The warrior-like spirit that exudes confidence continued to show in Giannina Azar’s Passarella collection. These dresses are star worthy in design and color. Deserving of a red carpet affair. Each dress was a stand-alone piece: structured and fitted bodices, dramatic shoulders, glamorous beading, and retro-inspired asymmetrical layered effects. More feathered details made her lavender floor-length sheer gown angelic. The fringed midi-length dress with swooping fringe had a lux feel. Rich red, black, and grey colors worked well for her longer gowns, while the lighter lime, silver, and gold gave her short lengths and sultry appeal.

Both collections have to form flattering pieces. The cuts and designs are sophisticated and avant-garde.