Creating his own brand elevated him to an even higher level. His skills are so impressive that he became the youngest member of the Indonesian Fashion Designers Council (IPMI) and many other accolades due to his role in various Fashion Weeks. At just 34, he has managed to carve a niche in the market for making elaborate detail-oriented pieces. They are imaginative and dreamlike, with sheer fabrics melding classic Asian-inspired prints and rich deep colorways. His passion is vested deeply in fashion and spans over 14 years. This Arab Fashion Week, Hian is set to exhibit his Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

As expected, Hian Tjen has triumphed in creating Haute Couture and also allowing a peek into the world from which his ideas come. His culture was heavily represented and with great impact. Pieces in his collection had intricately designed beading and conversational prints. Two-piece swimsuits and dresses featured landscape or miniature rural scenes. Spring/Summer 2022 took on a different element, as gowns in soft sheer blue fabric showed jungle animals and creatively drawn foliage. His green embroidered dress gave the illusion of a two-piece flowing set. The placement of the waist and the sheer fabric was truly
Hian had Asian-inspired prints on light quilted fabrics and blazers in non-traditional silhouettes. The pieces with the feathered trim were also inspiring, especially against the darker black and deep blue shades. Animal prints had a fun twist, too; they were easily recognizable but ingeniously altered. His most sultry couture gown was constructed of red draped sateen, sheer fabric, and handprints strategically covering the bust. The sheer fabric he placed his patterns on was likened to tattoos on the skin. The show closer was even more impressive. The model wearing a gold headdress, feathered floor-length coverall, and multicolored earth-toned gown owned the runway. It was a great finish and definitely made a mark for Hian Tjen this Spring/Summer 2022.