Since leaving Libya in 2014 upon the outbreak of civil war, Libyan designer Ibrahim Sheban has used his designs to remind the world of the undiscovered beauty of Libya, his eternal muse. “His latest “Never Love Me Again” collection is composed of irreverent designs, leather jackets, trench coats and an updated kandora demonstrating how society is rapidly evolving. A mosaic tile print emblazoned onto a mini skirt and jacket ensemble, a fanciful sun dress and a track suit conjured the architectural treasures of Libya.


His brand speaks to the woman who have unparalleled style, and a strong-beautiful essence. There are a number of accolades for the band, such as FASHION TRUST ARABIA, where he was a finalist, including Vogue Arabia. BORN IN EXILE has rich cultural background and regal exuberance. Ibrahim’s latest collection FW 2022/23, “Blood, Sweat, and Oil,” is set to be featured at Arab Fashion week. The youthful, raw, and energetic brand is sure to be amazing.

Naturally; BORN IN EXILE brought a fierce and rogue vibe to Arab Fashion week. Starting with his outerwear; leather motor-style, denim bomber, varsity, and fleece lined metallic style jackets were featured. The blouse with buttons on the neck, down the bust, and along the sleeves was an original piece, and was styled alluring on the model in sensible black trousers. The highlighted stitch denim two-piece set is edgy, and had matching silver embroidery. It was also beautifully done on the sweatshirt style two-piece skirt and jacket set. Denim is used graciously in the BORN IN EXILE collection, as indigo blue made and appearance. The white embroidery is truly artistic.

Red design prints on outerwear had a cultural reference, and denoted to Libyan culture. That art is also on his accessory overlays; created to bring a cool sensibility to the already ‘rock start’ like pieces. For example; his two-piece leather culottes set is excellent, and the rich color of the embroidered harness matched the sleeves of the jacket nicely. A neat change to the regular tank, blouse, and tee shirt selection featured, was their utility vest. It’s a very versatile garment that can be styled in many ways. The collection overall has an exuberant sporty vitality to it. Art featured on the garments were also giving a ‘rockabilly’ vibe; on leather horizontal slit pants in black and white. A puffer skirt in green with matching jacket was also a nice element to add in the lineup of masculine structured pieces. BORN IN EXILE never fails in bringing unique style to Arab Fashion Week.