Vro Pardo

Vro Pardo

VRO PARDO SRL is a line of Culinary Apparel, customer service, and a pioneer in its field in Paraguay. We have been in business for the past seven years and are committed to the highest standards of business ethics and customer service, acting at all times with social responsibility, providing high quality, competitiveness, and innovation in all our products, in order to provide our clients with excellent service. 

She has participated since 2009 in the ASUNCION FASHION WEEK, international visits of Chefs and companies of high importance, in addition has been a participant of PURE LONDON 34, in August of the year 2013 in the city of London.

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In January 2014, the gastronomic clothing of VRO Pardo has been declared by decree of the SENATUR (National Secretary of Tourism) as of National Tourist Interest. In 2016 we went  Colombia, Bogotá representing Paraguay in the Cultural Industries Market (MICSUR) event together with other compatriots from different areas where we organized a runway to show the most exclusive designs of the new Moingove collection (2016 catalog) where he highlighted the indigenous, traditional weaving of Paraguay, in a brilliant application on gastronomic clothing. 

Our clients include celebrity chefs and fine dining restaurants, we have developed our products with the client in mind, according to the needs of the staff and their work environment. This is what our brand is all about, unique and one-of-a-kind designs that satisfy different tastes, giving them the attention, acknowledgement and distinction they deserve. 

Verónica Pardo was the only Paraguayan finalist in the Innovadores de América contest, which was held in Medellín (Colombia) in August 2014, for the award for Design, for the use of indigenous fabric over the Gastronomic Clothing. She was also nominated in the “Innovative Brand of the Year” category at the AGUJA 2014 awards. In 2016, she was awarded by the AICP as the “PYME of the year” and also by the ADEC as “Successful Microenterprise of the year”. This year she had the opportunity to represent Paraguay, invited by the American Embassy, ​​in the “WEAmericas Program for Women Entrepreneurs”, held in the United States. Recently the Aladi Expo was held in Santa Cruz, on October 18, 19 and 20, where the company had a great impact.  

Naranjaite Prize “Women Artificers of Change” in 2018. 

Mission and Vision: 

  • To become quality and service leaders in the Culinary Apparel category, both in our country and region, providing personalized attention to our clients in addressing their needs, working towards creating a positive impact in our community by implementing the use of traditional, rustic embroidered fabrics and incorporating them into Avant-guard culinary apparel designs. 
  • To design, develop and position our Brand as international industry leaders in the culinary clothing category, while providing comfort, originality, credibility and grace to our clients, with the application of our delicate, hand-made details and finishes. 
  • To provide our clients with unique uniforms of the highest quality, at competitive prices, to meet the demands of a market that values comfort and aesthetics. 


At Vro, we are committed to constantly improving the company’s manufacturing and quality processes, working alongside a team that seeks to develop and refine their skills on a daily basis.