Michelle Bernardo helps women look their very best through her intricately designed gowns for every occasion. Born in 1985, the now 35-year-old woman is a fashion designer and entrepreneur who dreams of becoming a philanthropist. Michelle is the founder of the Philippine-based luxurious fashion brand, Malichè, which provides women with custom and ready-to-wear couture. Today, Michelle is taking the fashion world by storm with her ability to craft beautiful bridal gowns and evening gowns. She makes a name for herself in the local and international scene with dresses that have already walked several global runways, including China and Malaysia.

Malichè is a luxurious fashion brand based in the Philippines. Founded by Michelle Bernardo, our gown collection puts every woman in the spotlight with our ready-to-wear and custom-tailored gowns. 

Our high-end brand offers a wide range of sophisticated and chic bridal gowns and evening dresses for every woman’s special day. With stockists in Saudi, Kuwait, Mississippi, and Virginia and worldwide shipping options, our company emerges as a Filipino luxury brand that’s making a name in the international fashion scene.