Reimagining the Future of Fashion

The winds of change are sweeping across the fashion industry as it reconfigures itself to meet the ever-changing preferences of all stakeholders. The need of the hour for designers is collaboration, be it with manufacturers, marketers or consumers, and innovation. Moreover, in a world where digital natives are increasing, technological transformation is critical. By allowing fashion to develop a deep relationship with technology, designers and fashion visionaries are rethinking the way designs are created and delivered, thereby transforming the world of fashion. Now, Arab Fashion Week and Microsoft are joining hands to spearhead this transformation.

Earlier this year, Arab Fashion Council revolutionised the traditional fashion calendar with a new digital experience during Arab Fashion Week, one of the world’s best designer showcase. As pioneers of ‘ready-couture’, Arab Fashion Week returns on October with bespoke creations that re-establish the exclusive designer-client relationship. At this event, Microsoft is enabling this relationship with innovative digital experiences, personalisation, on-demand support, and a lot more.

A range of Windows devices is giving designers the freedom of convenience and multi-tasking. They can now quickly browse through designs, snip an image for inspiration, make notes, create a presentation and quickly share it with their team. They are also increasingly using Snap Assist to bring together two apps for easy referencing and editing, and OneDrive to quickly share ideas, inspiration, and designs between devices. With these and many more solutions, Windows is enabling designers to dream, design and deliver.

Playing a significant part in the delivery is Redington Gulf, a leading distributor for Technology products across Middle East and Africa. The company also enables participation of global brands in forums like the Arab Fashion Week with an aim to give consumers an insight into how technology can help their personal and professional lives.

This is undoubtedly a phenomenal time as new age fashion and innovative technology combine to create cutting-edge designs and exclusive customer experiences. See it come alive at the Arab Fashion Week, from 28 March till 1st April 2021. 

Watch AAVVA’s creative directors, Ahmad Ammar and Vincenzo Visciglia, collaboration with Windows.