Brend name of Kibovskaya appeared in 2016, when Kristina Kibovskaya leader and main inspirer of the largest Sevastopol studio for manufacturing and rental of all stage costumes, set out to show her experience of the designer accumulated over 10 years in her own clothing line for children. For her many years of work, Kristina managed to work with folk artists of Crimea, Russia and Ukraine, to create many costumes for champions of the World, Europe, Russia and Ukraine in oriental dances, acrobatics, figure skating, gymnastics, acrobatic rock and roll, for the winners of all kinds of creative competitions (“Russian Beauty”, “Mrs. Russia”, “Mrs. Universe” and others) While still a little girl, Christina, sewed the first elegant dress for her favorite doll and dreamed that someday these outfits would be dressed by real princesses. 

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As it happened. At the 34th season of the “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week” a young and ambitious designer presented her first magic collection “A Dream on a Winters Night,” inspired by the romantic motives and touching dreams of every girl – to become a queen. “# 1st” – “Always the first!” Also took part in the Mercedes Benz Fashion, Moscow Fashion Week, Al Arabia Fashion Days, Estet Fashion Week. The designer demonstrates the innovative achievements of the Russian brand of collectible children’s and adult clothes KIBOVSKAYA, created to create luxurious clothes and an emphasis on handmade accessories that emphasize the individual beauty of each image! The many facets of the twilight colors inspired the designer Christina Kibovskaya to create her new collection “Twilight” – luxurious dresses for children and adults, decorated with original handmade decor. Fantasy silhouettes, headdress, delicate lace and an exquisite combination of fabrics, embodied in weightless lines of magical formations. As the designer says, her brand’s dresses are the realm of fairy tales, the embodiment into reality.