Kayat Couture


Born in the1980’s, Laila was raised in the Netherlands to parents originally from Morocco. Creativity, a common Taurus archetype, was a known trait in Laila ever since childhood. The story unfolds of a little girl following her passion for fashion. Laila became a trendsetter during grade school having a spirited zest of what she wore and it was not a surprise as her friends and classmates flocked to adore her self- made blouses and dresses. Knowingly, for Laila, a dream was born to become a fashion designer. Laila’s style and fashionable outfits became a neighborhood fanfare and it was at that time her parents realized there was a designer in their daughter. Laila Aziz is an emerging fashion designer in what may be the fashion world’s most obscure yet exotic locale of Morocco. 

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Laila continued to follow her dream. Eventually, New York City became a promising choice for Laila and in 2006 she located to this fashion mecca. Living in the Big Apple, Laila fine-tuned her craft and began designing traditional Moroccan inspired garments. 

In 2011, Laila wore her own design to the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards accompanied with her husband (multi-Grammy winning music producer and songwriter, RedOne). It was at that exciting moment, her own floor length dress graced the Hollywood red carpet, and a dream was solidified. That same year in 2011, Laila started her own clothing line and fashion company, KAYAT. 

KAYAT was formed with a free-spirited style where an eclectic mix of global influences are the DNA of the label. Laila’s line is a collection that touches an international, fashion forward, and feminine woman. 

Collections are inspired by textures and colors as well as global fashion capitals, such as Paris, New York City, Los Angeles and Madrid. Each garment is carefully made by selecting exquisite fabrics and enhancing the details and embroidery, made by hand.