Arab Fashion Week being dubbed as one of the five most important fashion weeks in the world

 Arab Fashion Week being dubbed as one of the  five most important fashion weeks in the world

The fashion industry in the UAE is unprecedented in its evolving landscape, which adapts to the latest trends and designs that cater for both native and international clientele.

The retail market in the UAE attracts many foreign investments from leading brands such as Dolce and Gabbana and high profile fashion leaders such as Vogue Arabia.

Dolce & Gabanna recently released a dedicated ‘modest-wear’ range, joining the likes of Oscar de la Renta and Tommy Hilfiger.

It is not only the international trends that are making their mark in the UAE, but a rise in modest clothing, which caters for the demand from women in the Middle East and those who like to dress modestly with style.

There are an increasing number of Emirati designers who are tapping into creating innovative designs to keep up with the growing demand for more variety.

However, the market has now diversified as more and more fashion labels are catering for the niche sector and by doing so are further propelling the UAE as a major player in innovative fashion.

Although there is still room for the growth of the industry, there are many international fashion brands that have increased market intelligence and have become better prepared for the local business culture in the UAE.

Global fashion executives will be looking to Dubai for its strength in its fashion offerings that exude both style, consumer demand and innovation.

With Arab Fashion Week being dubbed as one of the  five most important fashion weeks in the world, the future of the industry looks set to thrive.

Arab Fashion Week 2017

by Tasnim Nazeer, award-winning journalist & author.
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