This season, Todd has made the theme of super realistic virtual show by using Maya, UE5 and other softwares, he named it “MetaHuman”. The theme expresses the designer’s view that in this changeable world, virtual human and virtual clothing break the boundary between the real and the virtual world, make the boundary more and more fuzzy. He thinks virtual clothing has become one of the trends in the world fashion market. In special circumstances, super realistic virtual fashion have become the substitute for real fashion and more and more attention has been paid to. Todd uses high-level super realism technology to design the collection and inherits the tech-prints to give fashion which brings sense of future vision, it fully embodies the DNA of the brand.



Todd Hessert is an eponymous fashion label that was founded by Asian-American designer and artist Todd Hessert Jiang in New York. He is an official fashion week designer of The Council of Fashion Designers of America and has been held for two seasons at New York Fashion Week. He was reported by The New York Times, WWD, WGSN, MR Magazine, ELLE, Marie Claire, Vogue and GQ China,..etc. He worked with PUMA Alienware, Li-Ning and Honor. He was also the menswear finalist of the 23RD FGI 2020 Rising Star. Todd adopts an “all possibilities” mind-set. His inspiration is derived from the cognition and interpretation of the complex social culture, particularly the intersection of sustainable design and technology. Hessert attaches his sense of design to the mysterious and cosmic universe, deeming that our inner world is an empowered and explorative existence. He believes our perception of the world is the echoing of our evolving heart and conscience. At the moment of making a decision or taking an action, no matter how small or large, we are always guided by morality, wisdom, interest, temptation, and ambition. The designer captures the essence of existing social and environmental elements, embodying his own insightfulness and observations, with the creation of genderless pieces. He references his collections as an emotional come-back to his true roots. The rationale behind his work is his past experiences, gained knowledge and scientific reflection.  

“The universe is gradually unpacking mystery; before knowing the ultimate truth, we have to accept the imperfect of our heart, and remain open and alert to all possibilities.”