Portrait Irakli


Irakli Rusadze is a self-taught designer and founder of Situationist. He was born and is based in Tbilisi. He started working in the fashion industry at the age of 15 and at the age of 21 he presented his collection for the first time at Tbilisi Fashion Week.  In total, he has made twelve collections for his brand as part of Tbilisi, Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Art exhibitions in Paris, Frankfurt, London and Tbilisi, as well as collaborations with Georgian artists. The creative director often combines two different styles – Georgian historical heritage and avant-garde vision of the new wave Georgian artists, creating his unique and  progressive vision. He has been interested in the creative industry since childhood. It is equally interesting for him to work on the design, as well as to construction and the process of  creating patterns. Situationist carries the idea of creating clothes for the character not for the body.  Brand, expresses the idea which unites the community together and brings people with different perspectives and views in one circle. Not only in the creative field, but also includes people working in any other position that spend their skills end experience, brand creativity is a joint work of the team, everything here is exclusive. Situationist’s unique design aesthetic lies in the idea that each item is cut and sewn from beginning to end by one person, after leaving a signature on a special label , this is Irakli’s way of appreciating the craftsmanship of the skill-full staff members who spend hours to make it happen.