nohma kaaki

Influenced by contemporary artists & architects, Nohma’s fine design is a unique and innovative idea. Dubbed as the “Alchemist of Design”; she is the first architect/designer to introduce build-able multi use jewelry. 

“My designs represent simple aesthetics and real beauty for what it is in essence: Timeless and Unique” – Nohma Art and Design offered Arch. Nohma to explore her own limits as an Architect/ Artist/ Designer, as well as helped her add a flare of art and life to the projects she helped develop and manage. Nohma’s unapologetic strength, overall enthusiasm & incredible work ethic in committing to high standard gave her that “make it happen” attitude which is apparent in her sheer talent and attention to detail. 

Her multidisciplinary approach is very unique & one of a kind. She mastered architecture and always tend to add a special flare of art transforming anything she designs into icons. “Architecture is the mother of all arts.” She’s inspired by architects Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando and Moche Safadi. She came up with her own timeless, unique and smart jewelry concept that have caused a bold change in the industry.