Born in Milan, where she lives and works, after graduating and specializing in Labor Law at the University of Studies of Milan, she has been working for several years as Human Resources Director for the account and on behalf of commercial and trading companies.

Currently carries out the freelance activity as Labor and Corporate Consultant, registered in the Professional Chamber of Labor Counselors of Milan.

She deals with Labor in all its aspects, such as Personnel Administrative Management, Human Resources Management, Corporate Organization, both private and public, with reference to business areas of any sector.

She has developed specific skills in the Fashion and Design sector as a business consultant, focusing on business organization and development, research of new talents, and brand management, both for the internal and the international market.

In July 2016 she has been elected President of the Council Commission of the Municipality of Milan, with proxy in the fields of Labor, Economic Development, Productive Activities, Commerce, and Human Resources, to which were added the proxy in the field of Fashion and Design.