heliot emil

Julius Juul started his career in advertising and design, after graduating from the Danish School of Media and Journalism with a major in creative communication. Shortly thereafter, he and his brother Victor started their own ready-to-wear fashion label, Heliot Emil, named after their great-grandfather. As the brand is split between creative and business, Julius Juul is in charge of all creative direction and design and Victor Juul runs the business side of the company. Featuring a Scandinavian, monochromatic aesthetic with high attention to detail. In charge of all creative aspects of the company, Julius is inspired by thought-provoking themes and sources of various unique fabrics and trimmings around the world to realize each collection, and the final garment production is crafted by manufacturing experts from all over the world.

About the Brand:

A Ready-To-Wear brand presented by brothers Julius Juul and Victor Juul from Copenhagen, Denmark. Exploring the lines between form and function-driven by experimental approaches, HELIOT EMIL™ pushes the semantic dialogue within the creative industry. A subversive Scandinavian and monochromatic aesthetic, combined with custom-developed materials, fabrics, and trimmings, HELIOT EMIL™ entices high attention to detail throughout every branch.