• DFW’s newest member, BLSSD, extended its Spring/Summer ‘NOT 2.0’  showcase by unveiling its Autumn/Winter ‘NOT 2.0’ collection in a creative ‘backstage’ experiential warehouse presentation 
  • Globally renowned Spanish fashion house Adolfo Domínguez inspired a packed house with its hotly anticipated collection,’Intuición: Beyond the Senses’
  • Designers & Us closed the DFW runway shows with a collaborative display exploring mystical energies and featuring pieces by seven designers  

Dubai, UAE, 9 February 2024: The Autumn/Winter 24/25 edition of Dubai Fashion Week (DFW) drew to a close last night after five days of innovative fashion showcases and the convergence of global design talent and professionals, which have all further cemented Dubai’s status as a global fashion hub. Designers headlining the final date on the calendar were BLSSD – who recently became a DFW Member – as well as Adolfo Dominguez and Designers & Us. Day five also saw the season’s final Threads Talk 2.0, where global fashion industry professionals and experts tackled the present and future of the industry.     

Co-founded by d3, a member of TECOM Group PJSC, and the Arab Fashion Council, DFW will return for the Spring/Summer edition later this year – dates to follow. 


Beirut-born label BLSSD marked its first show as an official DFW Member yesterday with a ‘backstage’ experiential warehouse presentation of its Autumn/Winter ‘Disclaimer’ collection.

Guests were invited into an immersive experience where backstage was turned into center stage.The brand’s creative approach blurred the lines between creator and spectator, giving everyone a taste of fashion week action where models prepared and posed for a live lookbook shoot for all to see.

The street-luxe label’s new Autumn/Winter ‘Disclaimer’ collection continued to explore the brand’s signature and daring approach to design, balancing minimalist influences with innovative folds, zipper waistbands, and handcrafted vegan leather sequins, reflecting the brand’s bold disclaimer against predefined identities and stereotypes in fashion. While celebrating individuality and self-expression through distinctive designs that defy categorization.


Globally renowned Spanish fashion house Adolfo Domínguez took to the DFW runway for the first time to unveil its much-anticipated Spring / Summer 2024 collection, ‘Intuición: beyond the senses.’  A departure from traditional definitions of contemporary fashion, the collection evoked spontaneity and freshness through a palette of neutral tones, lightweight fabrics, and chic, flattering silhouettes – staples of the label’s craftsmanship. The pieces transitioned from day to night, an ode to Domínguez’s commitment to sustainability and creating lasting, timelessly elegant pieces.   


Designers & Us drew the curtains on the autumn / winter edition of DFW with its ‘Enlight’ collection, a fusion of mystical energy and style designed to resonate with a deeper, spiritual dimension. Seven designers came together to embody the essence of the seven chakras of the human body. Each design reflected the unique energy of its corresponding chakra – from the fiery nature of the Sacral (creative expression and emotion) Chakra to the tranquil blues of the Throat Chakra.  Each creation – through its threads, colours and style – reflected power, vitality and emotion, and explored the spiritual realms of the human body.  


The final Threads Talk 2.0 of the season took place yesterday at d3, organised by META and the Arab Fashion Council. Industry professionals from around the world once again converged at the insightful event, where experts discussed the opportunities, challenges and insights currently defining the global fashion industry.   

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