• Riva launched its 2024 Ramadan Collection, featuring traditional pieces with a modern touch  
  • Michael Cinco celebrated cultural diversity and self-expression on day three, while Lama Jouni hosted an exclusive event with DFW  
  • Threads Fashion Brunch brought together fashion industry professionals to discuss the region’s flourishing fashion landscape  

Dubai, UAE, 7 February 2024: On day three of Dubai Fashion Week, packed houses welcomed runway shows and exclusive presentations by regional fashion labels Choice, Riva and SELFMADE. Iconic homegrown couture house Michael Cinco unveiled a collection celebrating self-expression, while an insightful session of the Threads Fashion Brunch and an exclusive event by DFW Member Lama Jouni took place off the catwalk. 

Co-founded by d3, a member of TECOM Group PJSC, and the Arab Fashion Council, DFW will finish tomorrow evening (8 February) with headline shows by BLSSD, Adolfo Dominguez, and Designers & Us. 


Choice celebrated its silver jubilee anniversary on the runway by unveiling its enchanting Flower Bloom collection. A tribute to the brand’s customers in the GCC, the show featured delicate and feminine silhouettes crafted from luxurious materials such as organza, gazar, silk, and tweed meticulously embroidered with sequins. Flowing volumes, solid cape skirts, fitted waists, and cropped jackets graced the runway in brilliant hues of white metallic, silver, peony pink, and gold.  


With but a couple of months to go, Riva launched its highly anticipated Ramadan Collection 2024 on day two. The collection featured light, comfortable, rich linen pieces contrasting against sheer, intricately printed organza, inspiring a full house with pieces that balanced luxury with simplicity and structure with fluid designs. Featuring a range of outfits, from stylish daily pieces to elegant eveningwear, Riva’s Ramadan capsule embraced the spirit of the month through metallic hues and silver and gold embroiders and honoured the modern woman by fusing traditional designs with contemporary cuts and details. The collection’s focal points included delicate floral prints, optical geometrics, and ethnic motifs, while crystal embroideries and lace appliques added a sophisticated touch. 


SELFMADE reinforced her mastery of denim across a range of edgy streetwear pieces that exuded a modern urban vibe. The designer’s technical aptitude for jeans washing and textile technology was apparent across the collection of daily streetwear, with cropped, gradient-coloured denim jackets blending into bold block colours, asymmetrically cut baggy denim pants, and oversized suits layered over hoodies. Models also walked in an array of multi-fabric ensembles, including skirts, coordinating sets and – to top it off with a hint of glamour – a shimmering black dress with a collar extending into a headpiece. 


Iconic Filipino couturier Michael Cinco proved his mettle as a regional fashion icon with his Dubai Fashion Week showcase on night two. The designer’s latest collection of men’s and women’s wear drew inspiration from various cultures, countries, architectures, and traditions, celebrating diversity and luxury through colours and cuts. Fabrics were expertly blended, printed, layered, pleated, and adorned with intricate embroidery, telling a story of harmony and royalty. A spectrum of colours took over the runway, from delicate blueish-grey gradients transitioning into deep blacks to vibrant hues of violets, aquatic blues and brilliant reds. 


In an exciting collaboration with Instagram, Threads Fashion Brunch hosted a session to celebrate the fashion gatekeepers of the region at Lucia’s in Address Sky View. The event brought together the global fashion community to celebrate and learn about the diverse talent and creative excellence flourishing within the region.    


The highly exclusive Lama Jouni Party x Dubai Fashion Week took place at Gohan, where guests were given a glimpse into the latest fashion trends and designs. The gathering celebrated the talent of the celebrity designer and DFW member Lama Jouni and offered an opportunity for fashion industry professionals to interact.  

Dubai Fashion Week shows continue today with Dima Ayad, Zeena Zaki x Tryano, Reborn, Zey-ye, American Rag Cie x FAD Dubai, and Emergency Room x Nothing. 

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