ZEY-YE began as an internal spark that evolved into a movement—a subtle uprising in the fastpaced era. We aimed to create a virtual space, a space for being and belonging to a worldwide community of authentic individuals—people who breathe an air of their own, believing in their truth and embracing an imaginative reality and bold identity. 

ZEY-YE was created to provide a pathway for individuals to be and feel themselves without worrying about little details. We embraced that responsibility fully and crafted each garment as a way to reimagine liberty, freewill, and expression. We kept the thin thread between approachability and mass-oriented. 

Our commitment revolves around honoring who we are while disrupting the mainstream, adapting to the needs and wants of today. As a homage to roots, creativity, and authenticity, ZEY-YE derives its name from Arabic, signifying both “outfit” and “to be alike.” 

The brand, initially a vision put on hold for years, emerged organically when its stars finally aligned, fueled by a profound and consistent love for creation. Piece after piece, the brand came together in the name of “the bold and the brilliant.” Crafted with the finest hand-woven fabrics and a touch or two of effortless originality, our vision extended to become accessible to those who seek a different take on life.

It all started with designing garments, later becoming a collection, the collection grew to become a brand with a personality of its own, and now the brand became a community. Our mission was to create more than a brand; we called it a footprint, a legacy embodying our ambitious vision with a modern approach merged with our core values gained from old teachings in our region. A brand that aligns with those who hold a contemporary mindset not only in fashion but also in life while finding balance in merging between the past, present, and future.