Designers & Us stands as a distinguished luxury house, meticulously curating an exclusive array of high-end fashion creations in collaboration with esteemed designers of both Arab and international acclaim. Our illustrious portfolio showcases the talents of renowned designers hailing from the Arab world and beyond, promising our discerning clientele a realm of unsurpassed refinement and ingenuity. 

Our commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering innovation propels our journey in haute couture, establishing novel benchmarks in the realm of luxury fashion. This dedication solidifies our position as the foremost destination for those with a penchant for sophisticated style. 

At Designers & Us, our mission is to empower renowned designers in the fashion industry by showcasing their creations both locally and globally. Our commitment is to lead the luxury fashion industry by consistently offering exclusive high-end products alongside exceptional customer service. 

Embracing a visionary outlook, we aim to facilitate our customers’ self-expression through one-of-a-kind products, reflecting their unique individual style. Thus, we aspire to be the ultimate destination for luxury fashion, featuring the finest works of local, regional, and international designers.

Office B102, Building 5 – First Floor – Dubai Design District – Dubai


Designers and Us, an esteemed luxury fashion house nestled in the heart of Dubai Design District, unveiled their latest masterpiece: “The Swan Couture.” This collection was a testament to the harmonious collaboration of esteemed designers, including Jean Charles Zakaria, Alaa Sarkis, Nivine Bashiti, and Fouad Khoury, as well as their in-house talents. Drawing inspiration from the timeless ballet “Swan Lake,” the collection featured a mesmerising palette of black, white, and beige gowns. The feathers, serving as the leitmotif of the narrative, gracefully adorned the sleeve designs and at times enveloped the entire gown. The ruffled fabric, with its meticulously crafted structure, accentuated the silhouettes, mirroring the sheer material that traced the curves of the models on the runway. The gowns boasted an array of diverse cuts, intricate textiles, and captivating details, including flowy capes, leg slits, cut-outs, and sheer textiles. Completing the looks were elegant head accessories, elevating the collection to an artistic crescendo.