His standout collection garnered much positive attention and set his foundation to become the highly regarded fashion designer he is today.
Aboud’s house of couture was founded in 2016 after the launch of his many capsule collections. His previous collections showcased a wide array of beautiful pieces riddled with Lebanese artisanal influences. Aboud’s designs are sophisticated with a modern approach to art; hypnotic, hallucinatory themes contribute to his iconic brand. His ‘Rise of Venus Spring/Summer 2017’ pret-a-couture collection is an excellent example of his versatility as a designer. It premiered at Beirut Fashion week with great success. Now for his current collection featured at Arabic Fashion week, it’s sure to be simply stunning.
His vision for Fall/Winter 2022 is striking. Movement is a consistent theme for the season, and Aboud’s tasseled monochromatic pieces are a great example. Tassels on blazers, trims, and busts are alluring. There is even a piece formed from tassels into a hombre-style blouse. The chic white two-piece pants set is casually cool, which is what most would anticipate in a ready-to-wear collection. Aboud Jammal’s collection has beautiful versatility and informality. Every piece is appropriate for most occasions.
The form-fitting ankle-length dresses are fun and flirty. Sheer black is enticing and was smartly styled with black or soft taupe silky blazers. Tulle-like neutral-toned dresses are styled daringly in this collection, with simply-tied fine silken fabric on the bust. Purple is another color that has been featured in many ways. Aboud’s long purple trench coat is sure to be a closet staple. That wasn’t the only stunning pop of color. The orange tasseled shorts blazer set and the two-piece accordion-style dress set also took center stage. The plum-red pieces were magnificent, too, emphasizing the fabric’s many fine details and textures. Aboud Jammal’s collection has energetic, vibrant colors and an eclectic approach to Fall/Winter fashion.