Biography of the Designer 

Karolina Gniewek-Lewicka 

Co-Founder & Creative Director 

Having studied in Paris, Karolina’s exceptional style and classy silhouette entail a distinct European influence. Largely inspired by the 50s and 60s, Karolina’s eye for detail attributes to the high quality fabrics used to produce POCA & POCA exceptional collections. 

Wiktor Gniewek 

Co-Founder & Brand Manager Middle East 

Using his experience in the fashion world, Wiktor brings a business minded sense, developing the POCA & POCA brand in the region and around the world. Responsible for overall marketing activities and business development of the brand he reaches every day a new supporters and business strategic partners. 

Background and History of the Brand 

POCA & POCA is a fashion brand founded in 2010 by the talented sister and brother duo Karolina and Wiktor Gniewek, in their native country of Poland. Bringing together fresh and creative designs, a passion for style, a love for precious things, unique fabrics and an eye for detail; POCA & POCA brings to life exceptional creations for the charming woman, personifying her original and charismatic sense of style. 

It all started with a dream, a fairy-tale and believing that all things can come true if you put your heart and soul into it. POCA & POCA illustrates young and innovative designs that are both simple and sophisticated. It’s for the young and creative, the youthful and stylish, the elegant and trendy – for all those who care about being unique and experimenting with their own individual style. From bows to pleats and ruffles, the baby pink stitch, the feminine and sweet – distinctive features which are so playful, they bring a whimsical sensation for all those who wear the creations. 

The best way to describe the feeling of wearing POCA & POCA is like “wearing an invisible crown” – there is a sense of enchantment and a magical touch, like the fairy waving her magical wand to dress you for that special occasion.