The designer of this brand is Sabrina Mouhiedin. After leaving her corporate job in 2020, she embarked on her fashion journey. She was always encouraged by her father to become her own boss. Being Dubai-based, she understood that there was a gap in the market for exceptional conservative wear. Sabrina believes in every adversity lies a seed of equal or greater opportunity. She named her brand LiLi after the flower. She admires its beauty and strength of it. This Arab Fashion Week will give an exclusive peek into what she has planned for the upcoming season.

Sabrina is a master of inventive and modern silhouettes. Black and white is a prominent theme in her collection for Fall-Winter 2022/23. The overall feel of the collection is exuberant, with many 90’s inspired silhouettes. Baby-doll-like dresses with sweet tie closures at the neck were delightful and chic. The asymmetrical pants in her 3-piece suit set were innovative. Less is more for this Fall collection, as noticed in the details and construction. Minor slits and v-cuts throughout the collection denote a minimalist direction that most fashion houses prefer for Fall. The lengths are very retro, like Bermuda shorts and mini skirts. The traditional darts in blouses are seen but on cropped silhouettes.

The LiLi Blanc collection for Fall-Winter 2022/23 has clean lines and quality basic fabric; nothing but the essentials. There are a few exaggerated collars on her red-colored pieces, but every piece was conservatively uniform. Lili Blanc understands how important high-quality ready-to-wear fashion is. Investment pieces are the foundation of great style based on the trends now. Creating traditional silhouettes with a subtle edge is a constant throughout all the fashion seasons. Lili Blanc fashion is a perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

A101 Building No. 7 – Dubai Design District – Dubai, UAE
P.O.Box 185065


The “Shades of Lili” collection was another milestone in the journey of Lili Blanc. The beauty of all types of lilies inspired the designer to give us inclusive looks dominated by femininity, fresh life and birth. Exquisite fabrics, from elegant drape of crepe to the shimmering and translucent organza, the versatile, wrinkle-resistant quality of jersey fabric and of course vegan leather all came together to make a statement about a woman’s confidence and ultimate strength. The runway came alive with clean-cut ensembles featuring well-defined shoulders, playful outfits, and sleek silhouettes with an empowering presence of black and electric colours.

LILI BLANC - rtw aw23/24

Lili Blanc unveiled her “Flamme Femme” collection at DFW after showcasing during Paris Fashion Week as part of the Arab Fashion Council’s partnership with the Federation de La Haute Couture et de la Mode. Glam crystals sparkled over sharply tailored suits, capes, and evening dresses along with a wide range of ready-to-wear closet ranging from skirts, flared and fitted trousers and jumpsuits to make this an all-around collection. The use of refreshing color tones of gold, burgundy and purple along with the usual white, black, green and denim deviated from Lili Blanc’s typical palette.