DOROTA GOLDPOINT - couture aw22/23

Polish designer Dorota Goldpoint took the audience at d3 on a journey through Poland’s meadows and orchards via a calming palette of periwinkle, blush rose, gold and lilac.

In notes of silk and organza, sculpted shoulders and mythological feather details, the former psychotherapist conveyed “The Inner Power” for fall winter. Soft, yet bold, she illustrated the feminine spirit of self-aware and ambitious women who know exactly what they want in life. “It’s also a universal message, saying that woman’s heart has no wrinkles,” she said, adding that she channeled female-icons of yesteryear such as Greta Garbo, Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, and Audrey Hepburn – all of whom achieved success in a male dominated world.

DOROTA GOLDPOINT - couture ss22

Her regulars consist of modern women who live local, and internationally. They appreciate her efforts in keeping them fashion forward. Dorota’s passion for fine garments motivates her to continuously be innovative, and seek the latest in technology. The collections she crafted has been featured in fashion shows for Paris, Cannes, Moscow, and Dubai. Her gowns are sewn from natural textiles of silk, satin, crepe, chiffon, and organza; just to mention a few. Dorota dresses celebrities in her native country too, like First Lady of the Republic Agata Kornhauser-Duda. She is a staple in couture fashion.  This year’s Arabic Fashion Week SS 2022 RTW FW 2022/23, is one of many, where she will put her fabulous garments on display.

One knew right away what to anticipate in Dorota Goldpoint’s Haute Couture Collection. From the start, the wave of classic and timeless glamour ensued. The cuts were very conservative, with vintage floral prints, and soft pink hues. Collared gowns, and gold embroidered details on the shoulders also gave that classic vintage appeal. There was also fur featured, and helped the collection stay consistent with Haute Couture. The gold gown, with its large flounced sleeves was also stunning. The high-lo style of a few gowns in the collection was an unexpected. That silhouette is retro, and highlighted the trends of the season. The hat accessories are remarkable too; top hat with lace and a bumper style; both with floral elements.

As the collection went on, the high-lo style evolved into single satin layered petal-like fabrics. Capes and lengthy shawls were also featured, and on soft pinkish lavender hues. It was a nice ease into the gowns with the brighter shade of fuchsia pink. Once again, fur made its presence on the runway in pink trim. The vintage style of the entire collection is versatile and first-class. It’s a sophisticated and lavish conservative look. Gold’s symbolic reference to quality, can be found in this collection. Dorota Goldpoint has a way of introducing the most timeless styles back into the fold, thereby exposing the new class of Haute Couture enthusiast to relate-able modest fashion.