After graduating university; she took on an internship that furthered her career path. Faiza creates 3 collections a year; each filled with pieces representing her classic silhouettes and visually pleasing art skills. She is self-taught, and with her love for fashion; she’s able to operate a thriving brand.  Her clothing is form flattering and rich with modern style. Bouguessa is a brand highly anticipated for Arabic Fashion Week. Her style of combining minimalist elements with creative cuts, and sleek tailoring; is sure to be a hit.

Fall-Winter 2022/23 is far into the future, but the BOUGUESSA collection makes one wish it would come sooner. As expected due to the mood of fashion presently; more relaxed silhouettes are in demand. The long trench coats featured in this collection are plush, and oversized. The trend of bigger volumes is still in full effect, and BOUGUESSA translates it in the most flattering way.  Structured black suits with large button closures are creatively conventional. The white 3-piece suit is a refreshing take in the traditional style that comes with an under shirt or blouse. The V-neck vest, cropped narrow trousers, and mid-thigh length blazer is sporty and modern.

In reference to the classic shirt; plenty of floor-length shirt dresses in neutral tones were seen. Pops are green, and pink are a nice touch to Fall’s low-key color pallets. The Abaya two-piece dark blue set is the definition of ready-to-wear modest fashion. It’s light breathable fabric had movement, and a relaxed silhouette. The way it flows is as if the ensemble ‘melted’ harmoniously together. 

BOUGUESSA’S menswear is sleek and relaxing. Men’s fashion tends to be rigid and stiff, but her pieces are more in-tune with the demands of now. She styles men in lighter shades of pink, and rich hunter green. The thick layered fleece under the military style overcoat is also nice. There is an undeniable freedom resonating from her clothing. People are now in the mindset of longevity for fashion. Each piece shown can be worn throughout every season in a variety of ways. BOUGUESSA’S ready-to-wear collection is immortal.