A Guide for How to Dress at Men's Arab Fashion Week.

By Oscar Krayee

The Fashion Do’s & Dont’s


With Men’s Arab Fashion Week just around the corner, you’ve probably already begun thinking about what to wear. Fashion is a creative outlet that you can utilize to express yourself. In this guide, we take you through our do’s and dont’s so you can be the chicest version of yourself at Men’s Arab Fashion Week.


The Do’s

Tips to make any look, Men’s Arab Fashion Week ready.

Express Yourself.

Fashion is about mirroring your emotions through what you wear. When you’re happy or excited reflect that in your clothes, wear bright colors that pop

Be Limitless.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Experiment with pieces you wouldn’t normally wear. Give that oversized blazer you’ve seen in your dad’s closet a go, wear your moms vintage glasses.


Any outfit is incomplete without accessories. The smallest accessory such as a belt can elevate your look. You can add a touch of class or edginess with a pair of gloves. You don’t have to be in Paris to wear a beret. The beauty of accessories is the difference it can make in your entire look. Utilize it!

Be Comfortable.

Fashion is meant to make you feel good and when you’re comfortable you feel good Experiment while taking into account your comfort. That sweater you love paired with that oversized blazer and your favorite sneakers can take a comfy look and make it fashionable.

 Make a Statement

Fashion isn’t only about luxury items. You can turn heads with vintage pieces or items you thrifted. Don’t worry about being extra. Fashion is about daring to take risks, be a trendsetter. 

The Dont’s


You want an outfit that makes an impact, delivers a message and reflects your personality. With that said Formal Affairs Don’t Call for Formal Attire. When attending Men’s Arab Fashion Week, you might jump to what seems like an obvious choice, formal wear. While pieces of formal wear can be mixed with streetwear to create an iconic look, try to stray away from wearing a full suit, or an evening gown.

Casual Wear is for Casual Events. Fashion week is the time to show off your fashionable side. While shorts are great for a stroll in the park and sweats are perfect for a night in watching movies, try to stay away from these clothes for upscale fashion events. 

Remember you must make a statement.