Glory Ang


Glory Ang, a Colombian designer born in the city of Cartagena de Indias, is the creator of Glory Ang Atelier, a symbol of creativity, exquisiteness, daring style and a taste for design risk. Glory graduated from the IED European Institute of European Design in Barcelona and developed her design skills while working at her own Atelier. In each of her collections she presents an explosion of colors inspired by the Colombian Caribbean, with a proposal in which sensuality and Latin femininity converge, taking into account sustainability and environmental care, based on sustainable fashion principles.

Casual luxury is this well-known ‘cartagenera’ designer’s signature mark. She is inspired by the type of woman who is elegant, stylish and appreciates quality and original design. 

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Simple cuts, lots of color and the combination of precious fabrics with vintage charm are what distinguishes this classic brand- an international symbol of being well-dressed. Ethically conscious and innovative, our brand signature is defined by our vibrant and colorful prints. These special fabrics are made with the “Greentex” technology, which does not require the use of water or chemicals in its processes, since it uses kinetic colorization, where the fixation of the color is done through ultrasound and ultraviolet light, which allows better color absorption in textile fibers.

Glory Ang Atelier symbolizes creativity, exquisiteness and daring designs with an exotic style. The most dedicated fashion followers will be captivated by the precision of form, the finesse, finish and delicacy of each piece, paired with an unmatched sense of exceptional technique. We are a brand for women, made by women, and we believe in social contribution and inclusion for women empowerment. Our garments are made by women who are heads of their household and support their families with their work, mainly from the city of Cartagena. Our mission is to encourage women to wear the most beautiful romantic styles while at the same time having a commitment with the environment and the modern world of today.