Antoine Kareh


Antoine Al Kareh, the famous Lebanese fashion designer is preparing to launch his new Couture Collection entitled “Power of the Unseen” for the year 2021. The collection consists of 24 dresses that will be showcased in October during the Arab Fashion Council in Dubai. It is clear that Antoine was inspired i from the digital world, as n this collection from the new era of the digital world, he recently posted an interesting video on his Instagram page, overshadowed by a sense of exoticism and creativity.
In the context, Antoine says that this collection specifically is characterized by modern and new cuts, in addition to the diversity of fabrics and colors, with each dress forming a different case. He also expressed his great enthusiasm for launching “The Power of the Unseen”, especially as it is characterized by a new mood that resembles and matches his ideas, and able to suit all fashion tastes. 

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Moreover, Antoine asserts that he is always keen to transform any piece of cloth into a dress that reflects the femininity and delicacy of women for the whole world to see.

On a side note, Antoine Al-Kareh, who has a high taste in fashion, was famous for the love of a large group of Arab stars for him, including the star Cyrine Abdel Nour, the star Carole Samaha and actresses Nadine Njeim, Maguy Abu Ghosn, Yasmine Sabry, Mona Zaki Daniela Rahma, Stephanie Saliba, and many others. Perhaps the reason why stars are so fond of his designs is the sophistication and dazzle that we see in the largest number of his designs.