hussain bazaza - presentation aw23/24

At an intimate social gathering, the designer revealed 10 looks inspired by elements of nature from his upcoming AW23/24 collection. The pieces symbolized mother earth from water streams, blooming florals, and the fiery sun. Each article was delicately fabricated from entirely handmade materials including silk taffeta, wool, raffia and sparkling sequins. The combination of color and texture loudly conveyed the designer’s revelation for the collection.

Hussein Bazaza

Hussein showcased EXPERIMENT 2020, for many reasons it is not designed by Hussein Bazaza himself.

The actual creative director this season is Portu, his school imaginary friend. Bazaza believes that she was always his creative mind and the reason behind his “creative rebellion” when he would sketch on all his exam papers, on every page of his books and every line of his scribbled notebooks.

The designer wanted to transport her from imaginary to reality, finally bringing her to life and showing you the exact steps taken in drawing the sketches. The aim behind it was to experience what many artists feel and sense as they try to envision the designs with their eyes closed. It is also all about the contradiction between reality and fantasy and how these two entities turned out chemically identical in our brains.