BLSSD is a fashion-centered design practice based in Dubai and Beirut. A daring, innovative spirit and fresh, experimental style lies at the heart of our creative approach. As a fashion label we embrace streetwear’s provocative take on originality, combine it with a sense of luxury, the practicality of utility and top it off with a touch of gratitude and a desire to make fashion matter. We call it Pret A Gratitude. It’s a style, an attitude, a view on life. 

8255 Beverly Blvd Ste 100, Los Angeles, California, 90048, United States

BLSSD - rtw SS24

The BLSSD collection, titled “Not 2.0,” unfolded as a daring, poetic, and innovative approach to design. Building upon the foundation set by last year’s “Not” collection, these looks continued to challenge the conventional by posing the question, “What are you not?” Through disruptive design statements, the collection melded elements of minimalism, glitz, and sporty aesthetics with an audacious sophistication. Experimental textile manipulations, transparent layering, boundary-breaking fabric combinations, and eye-catching silhouettes were key highlights. 

This season, a departure from the traditional monochromatic palette was evident, as the colour taupe was introduced, adding a touch of beautifully muted refinement to the collection. From parachute balloon dresses exuding billowing volume and movement to tailored broad-shoulder blazers cinched at the waist with drawstrings, each piece reaffirmed the brand’s distinctive visual identity. The inclusion of luxurious glossy vegan leather paired with satin printed bralettes created a striking contrast. Cut-outs, mesh grids, crisscross patterns, and delicate organza further enhanced the versatility of the “Not 2.0” collection, encouraging exploration of openness and authenticity in style.


BLSSD’s signature monochromatic palette was infused with pastel lavender and mint pops of color, introducing a soft, feminine strand to the collection. It oscillates between bold, attitudinal streetwear and a refined, contemporary urban style. The brand’s signature BLSSD presented its collection “NOT” today. The collection’s concept is shaped around the thought-provoking question, ‘What are you not?’. The label featured unexpected combinations of fabrics such as vegan leather, denim, taffeta, and mesh to express the brand’s street-luxe credentials.