Ezra Tuba

EZRATUBA was founded on 27th October 2006 a designer brand accompanied by the awareness of a multinational brand for women. They work; Victoria Secret, Levis, Ayyıldız, NicNora, Koton, ItalTeks. London & Milano Fashion Consultant Agency. 

ezra+tuba officially took its place in “Paris Fashion Week” in 2009/2012 not only as a Turkish designer brand but also as a world brand in the garment industry and couture in terms of position. It is a brand addressing to A and B+ segments. “ezratuba” is also one of the rare designer brands who leap forward across the world in nano-technologies and wearable technologies. Wearable technology designs created together with US Intel made a tremendous impact throughout the world and it became the face of advertising campaigns for the 2016 Intel world launch.

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