Daniele Carlotta

Daniele Carlotta is an Italian designer who grew up in a family that has been working in the fashion and design business for several decades, selling, since the end of the 70’s, Haute Couture fabrics from biggest names of the Italian and French fashion system, as well as upholstery and luxurious English wallpapers. And it’s just within those walls that the develops his own stylistic path, with a strong education emanated by his mother, also know in Sicily as “The Lady of the Silk”.

From a very young age, Daniele, surrounded by fabrics, thread and refined materials, was fascinated by the excellence of sartorial creations. Impressed by all of this, he later decided to develop his skills with specific studies in fashion design and styling.

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On November 2005, when he was just 20 years old, he opened his first show-room inside historic building in Modica, his own town. This location quickly turned into a creative space able to design and sell exclusive creations that soon became a must for a lot of the clients looking for a unique style and high sartorial quality. In this show-room Daniele has been able to get in touch with other form of arts, making it a real living room open to various cultural expressions and a conversation spot for creative minds.

On December 2010, he was chosen by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana for the project “Spiga2”, and “open showcase” located on Via della Spiga in Milan. This experience allows Daniele to get in touch with the national and international press system, as well with clients of one of the most important world fashion street. After two year he was selected for “The Vogue Talent Corner” an important event launched by Vogue Italia together with THE CORNER.COM.

Since that moment, and increasingly frequent demand for show-rooms and companies interested in producing and distributing the collections opens up for the brand, in addition to consulting proposals for well-know Italian fashion brands. In these years Daniele grew his skills in terms of how to create a product, from the design to the selling, going through the production and the marketing. At the same time, Daniele has been facing a bunch of strong experiences, sometimes event painful, as when he repeatedly finds himself dealing with companies that close their doors, hit by economics crisis that contaminates the country.

Right after terminating the licensing relationship with those companies, Daniele decided, together with his family, to develop what has been learned for years. That’s why in June 2018 they lunch the brand again in the market, building a brand new team well educated and extremely attentive to every aspect of the project.

Today Daniele is divided between USA and Italy, and the mix of these two worlds is reflected on everything he does. His past his present come together like the union of the tailoring and the streetwear, well shown on the two last collections.